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NOTE: My books are currently closed until further notice. Thank you all for your wonderful support!

           Thank you for your interest in my work! If you are interested in a commission, please contact me. In the event that I can accept your commission, please read the terms and conditions stated below.

  •  When initial discussion of your commission begins, I will give you a quote. Please know that a quote is just that - an idea of the cost of the commission. Final cost may be more or less. I will send updates and gain approval on changes that would affect the final price. A general Stablemate-scale custom pricing guide can be seen below.
  • A non-refundable deposit of 1/3 the price of the commission is required before work can begin. Please note that whatever percent of the quote your first payment is, if higher than 1/3, will be considered your deposit.
  • If I confirm that I have a slot available for you, and you do not claim said slot and ship your body model(s) within two weeks, the slot is automatically forfeit.
  • I can customize resins, Breyer plastics, and Stone plastics.
  • The commission quote given to you will not include the cost of the body model(s). Body model(s) are the responsibility of the commissioner to acquire. Bodies must be OF paint or stripped; I will no longer strip bodies with aftermarket finishes.
  • Turnaround times vary piece by piece. Please expect at least one month for a simple custom Stablemate with prepping, and up to four to six months for a drastic custom Stablemate with prepping. Other sizes may take longer.
  • Models are not shipped until payment is made in full.
  • When your commission is completed and final photos have been approved by you, the balance (including shipping costs) must be paid in full within THREE BUSINESS DAYS. If no payment nor contact is made, the commission is forfeit and is left to the artist to do what seems best to recoup any losses.
  • Shipping costs are given upon completion of the piece, and is not included in your initial quote.
  • All plastic custom works sold have my initials carved into the underside. These initials are not to be filled in.
  • Do not change or modify my work in any way. In the event one of my works gets broken or damaged, please contact me before contacting a repair artist.
  • I provide to the customer a limited, non-exclusive license of the right to photograph or videotape my work for the sole purpose of promotion, sales or photo showing of said work. I reserve all rights for reproduction of my pieces, including derivative works. Any reproduction, in whole or in part, of any of my works, is prohibited.
  • All rights not clearly outlined in this contract remain with the original artist.

My rate is $18/hour for all customizing, prepping, and priming services.
     For reference purposes, the average price for a Stablemate custom with a new neck, mane, tail, forelock, detailing, and prepping and priming is roughly $150. A Traditional scale mane and tail removal and resculpting is roughly $120.

            If you have further questions, or wish to book a commission, please contact me for availability and more information. Thank you!

          Trade List:

I am willing to entertain trade offers for the following resins:

    • Broken/damaged resins (let me know what you have!)
    • Emilia Kurila's Lucius, Leonardo, Heritage
    • Brigette Eberl's Ahzam, Inga, Sierra, Ikran
    • Kathy Bogucki's Persia and Bidjar, Bask
    • Kitty Cantrell's Thunderbutt and mini Thunderbutt
    • Sarah Rose's Independence, mini Nahar, Jezebel, Oberon, Little Lonestar; possibly mini Marwari
    • Kylee Parks' Tadpole
    • AA Flying Friesian
    • Chris Jolly's Loco Motion
    • Eva Rossiter's Brona, Sherbert Lemmon
    • Jenn Scott's Covergirl, Darcy, Dainty Darcy
    • Josine Vingerling's Gabriel, Willem, Fausto, Fuerte
    • Sarah M-B medallions, Imp, Oliver, Dartanian, Pixie, Peanut, Zug, Dante
    • Stacey Tumlinson's Traditional scale Scarlett, Bunny, Finn, Ravenhill Revisited/mini Ravenhill
    • Carol Williams' Valor or Victrix
    • Lynn Fraley's Sadie Shoo Fly
    • Resin Chips Mustang
    • Breyer Sorcerer's Apprentice (any condition)